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1603, 2021

Limit Unsuccessful Logons To Improve Your Business’s Cybersecurity

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As long as there have been salesmen, there have been scammers trying to sell useless products. Traditionally the elderly have fallen prey to cold-call fraud, but now scam artists are getting tech-smart, and it’s the younger generation of computer users who are falling for scams.

2802, 2021

Why Managed Detection and Response Is More Important Now Than Ever

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Technology is constantly evolving, and so is its relevance. In the world today, technology is fast-becoming a human being’s best friend. Just think of the number of times that you rely on technology in a day’s time. Everyone, even the self-proclaimed analog dinosaur, depends on technology to some extent.

2802, 2021

What is Amazon AppStream 2.0?

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Managing applications on-premise is expensive and inefficient. Today’s workforce is now more mobile than ever before, which is why businesses are investing in remote access solutions so their employees can access applications and documents whenever and wherever. Amazon AppStream 2.0 is one such solution, and here’s why it’s worth looking into.

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