10 Benefits of Remote IT Support You Should Know About

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For many businesses, the benefits of remote IT support are fundamental to their success. 

From strengthening infrastructure and implementing new technologies, to identifying and remediating IT challenges of all sizes, the benefits of getting remote IT support extend far and wide. 

During a time where our reliance on technology and remote work has grown, these capabilities can be the difference between making and breaking it in business. 

To discover more about these perks for yourself, our article covers the top 10 benefits of remote IT support you should be aware of. 

Top 10 Benefits of Getting Remote IT Support

Being able to identify and remediate technical issues faster is a leading advantage of remote IT tech support

For small business owners, remote IT support services provide an affordable way to scale current and evolving IT infrastructure needs while adhering to IT budgets. Some of the key remote IT support benefits for businesses include:

1. Lower Operational IT Costs

Remote IT support services, such as remote helpdesk support, are often cheaper for businesses than on-site support when accounting for service factors such as: 

  • On-site visits / checkups
  • On-site travel expenses
  • Emergency on-site assistance

In addition to offering a similar level of service comprehensiveness, remote IT support is often leveraged by small and medium-sized businesses who are working with a tight budget. 

For businesses seeking professional IT support, when they need it, remote IT support is the gold standard.

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2. Faster Issues Resolution and Response Time

Remote IT support provides businesses with responsive technical support and faster IT issue resolutions that cover a wide scope of IT issues. 

Helping to prevent IT bottlenecks and ensure peak performance is maintained is one of the leading remote IT support benefits

3. Access Cutting-Edge Technologies

When a business outsources remote IT support to a managed service provider, they gain access to the latest emerging technologies for a fraction of the cost. 

Through the implementation of these new technologies, increased productivity and efficiency are often experienced as MSPs can optimize technology around business processes.

4. Elevated Digital Defenses

Strengthened infrastructure and improved data backups are one of the most overlooked benefits of remote IT support

During a time where data breaches are at a 17-year high of $4.24 million, and have increased 10% in total costs from 2020 to 2021, it goes without saying that cybersecurity is a growing concern amongst business owners.

5. Proactive System Monitoring

Reputable MSPs understand the impacts that cyber threats can have on business operations. 

That’s why the best MSPs constantly monitor an organization’s infrastructure for red flags, vulnerabilities, and cyber threats. 

Through the benefits of remote IT support, businesses can have their infrastructure monitored 24/7/365 while gaining key insights on network usage, system performance issues, and other infrastructure irregularities which may have been depleting a company’s:

  • Time
  • Money
  • Resources 

6. Employee Training

Human errors, the use of stolen credentials, and phishing, continue to be a driving force for data breaches. In 2021, 13% of data breaches were the direct result of human error

With data breach costs on the rise and cyber attacks becoming more impactful, more businesses are leaning on the benefits of remote IT support, such as cybersecurity awareness training, to improve their security posture and curb IT risks. 

Through security awareness training, an organization’s front line of defense can be strengthened with training on:

  • Malware
  • Phishing
  • Cloud security 
  • SQL injections
  • Password attacks and theft
  • Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks
  • And more

With more than 50% of phishing attacks resulting in data loss, employee IT security training cannot be emphasized enough.

Benefits of Getting Remote IT Support

7. Technical Expertise

One of the biggest remote IT support benefits businesses gain would be having access to IT experts who deliver outcome-driven results. 

Often bringing years of experience, remote IT support is a fool-proof way to support in-house teams while elevating IT competency and capability across an organization. 

8. Improving Productivity and Efficiency

Improving process productivity, efficiency, and scalability are among some of the leading benefits of remote IT support that can accelerate business growth. 

Through the reduction of recurring issues and the addition of response IT support, businesses can spend less time troubleshooting IT issues and maintain better focus while IT experts manage their IT.

9. Routine Scheduled Maintenance

Preventing downtime and maintaining efficient IT processes can be challenging for businesses that are growing quickly, that have their IT departments stretched, or lack the experience. 

With regularly scheduled maintenance, an organization can maintain performance, reduce the possibility of downtime, and benefit from rapid IT resolutions should problems arise. 

10. Improve Infrastructure Reliability and Longevity

Remote IT support benefits organizations with growing infrastructure and support needs while providing them with peace of mind. 

In addition to offering around-the-clock support, business owners can benefit from improved business continuity planning, IT strategy roadmap support services, and the implementation of business continuity solutions.

Bring the Benefits of Remote IT Support to Your Business Today

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Reap the Benefits of Remote IT Support With Steady Networks

With remote IT support, you can protect your business, expedite your response time, and improve on-site and remote working infrastructure, security, and responsiveness. 

With remote access to managed IT services and dedicated IT technicians from Steady Networks, you can experience:

  • An average response time of 28.4 minutes
  • 100% of IT tickets touched daily before 5 PM
  • An average issue resolution time of 24.6 minutes
  • A 29.9% reduction in IT support tickets from year one to two

With a 99.1% customer satisfaction rating on service tickets, you can gain a steady advantage with us in your corner. 

To get the remote IT support you need, contact us today to speak with one of our IT specialists.


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