Microsoft Teams is a collaboration tool that may become the business OS for the next decade.

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By the end of March 2020, Microsoft announced that they had seen a 25% increase in their Teams collaboration tool. Many of our customers have taken to the platform in the wake of COVID-19 for text or video chatting between employees. But Teams is a much richer platform than just chat – here’s three ways we are using it that makes it a big part of our future IT landscape:

  1. Teams Meeting scheduling direct from Outlook

    • If you have the latest version of Outlook and Teams installed, you should have a “Join Teams Meeting” button at the top of your new event. This includes the link and info to join a Teams meeting at the scheduled time making it even easier to work with people both internal and external to your organization.
  2. Teams can replace Zoom and Conference calls:

    • You can add a conference line license to your Teams account and when you schedule a meeting a conference line appears alongside the link. With this meeting attendees don’t need to use a computer or an app to listen in.
  3. Teams can replace your entire file server!

    • Teams is not just a place for meetings and chats, it has a robust file storage system that has already replaced our antiquated file server in our organization. Each Team is allocated 25TB of storage so there plenty of room to grow.

There’s lots more that Microsoft Teams can do to bring your company into the next decade.

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Jonathan Sandmel, CISSP


Jonathan Sandmel

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