Santa Fe’s Top Industries To Know About

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Santa Fe, New Mexico, is a vibrant city with a diverse economy that is supported by a variety of industries.

From high-tech start-ups and small business es, to government, trade, and transportation, this desert city is the capital of New Mexico and has a lot to offer in terms of job opportunities and economic growth.

In this blog, we will explore the top industries in Santa Fe and how they’ve developed in recent years.

The Biggest Industries in Santa Fe: An Overview 

Santa Fe has an estimated population of 93,373 people and is currently growing at 2.14% a year. As the fourth largest city in the state of New Mexico, there is an abundance of opportunity to be found in the most popular Santa Fe industries .

Top Industries in Santa Fe
Image Credit: World Population Review

Let’s explore some of the biggest industries in Santa Fe , their origins, as well as some renowned local industry leaders in each sector.

1. Science and High-Technology

The science and high-technology sector is one of the fastest-growing and biggest industries in Santa Fe . It includes companies that develop and manufacture advanced technology products, such as software, medical devices, and geospatial technologies.

The Catalyst Fund is largely responsible for the growth of the science and high-technology sectors, which was established to increase seed and early-stage investment in New Mexico for technology start-ups.

Santa Fe’s high-tech industry has been growing rapidly in recent years since this time, with companies such as Descartes Labs , a geospatial intelligence company, UbiQD , a nanotechnology firm that develops quantum dots and solar windows, and Los Alamos National Laboratory being some of the largest companies.


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1. Leisure and Hospitality

The leisure and hospitality industry is another significant contributor to this capital city’s economy, as one of the top industries in Santa Fe . It includes businesses that provide travel, tourism, and recreation services, such as hotels, restaurants, and event venues.

Santa Fe’s rich history, vibrant arts scene, and natural beauty attract millions of tourists each year, making the leisure and hospitality industry a crucial part of the city’s economy.

Some top attractions in the area from these major industries include:

  • Santa Fe Plaza
  • Georgia O’Keeffe Museum
  • Museum of Indian Arts and Culture
  • Santa Fe Opera

Millions of tourists come to embrace themselves in the rich history and culture of this city every single year, with a record 39 million visitors in 2021 that generated an estimated $7.2 billion in direct spending.

3. Government

Santa Fe is home to numerous government agencies, including the New Mexico State government and the federal government.

These agencies employ a significant portion of the city’s workforce and offer a range of job opportunities, from administrative and clerical positions to highly skilled technical and professional roles being some of the largest employers in Santa Fe business .

As one of the top industries in Santa Fe , the city also hosts several diplomatic missions and federal law organizations, further strengthening its ties with the government sector.

4. Trade and Transportation

The trade and transportation industry plays a vital role in Santa Fe’s economy, as the city serves as a regional hub for the movement of goods and services across the United States.

According to recent numbers , the total number of employees in the Trade, Transportation, and Utilities industries in Santa Fe , NM was over 10 thousand people as of February 2022.

Santa Fe’s Top Industries
Image Credit: Trading Economics

The industry includes businesses involved in transportation, such as trucking, rail, and air cargo, as well as warehousing and distribution companies, with top companies including:

  • Groome Transportation
  • Pak Mail
  • Santa Fe Logistics Inc.
  • And more

5. Utilities

The utilities industry is another significant contributor to the local economy, providing essential services such as electricity, gas, and water as one of Santa Fe’s top industries .

The industry includes both public and private utilities, such as the city’s public water utility and PNM , the local electric and gas company.

The utilities industry is also expected to continue growing in the coming years, particularly as the city seeks to reduce its carbon footprint and increase the use of renewable energy sources.

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6. IT Services

An abundance of technical skill and talent has meant the managed and professional services industries have also garnered traction. The growth of business in the area has fuelled the growth of this industry, making IT companies like Steady Networks stand out for their managed IT services , including:

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Evidently, the economy of this capital city is both diverse and multifaceted, with these Santa Fe industries offering a range of job opportunities and contributing to the city’s overall economic growth and prosperity.

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The Biggest Industries in Santa Fe

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