5 Major Managed IT Services Benefits for Your Business

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A business that is able to maximize the output of its technology is a business that wins in our contemporary economic landscape. But getting a handle on your information technology can prove difficult – especially as it grows ever more sophisticated as time goes on. That’s why more and more businesses are turning towards the coveted services of a managed IT services provider. Which brings us to the benefits of managed IT services, chief among them the massive cost cutting potential.

Grasping the Importance of Managed IT Services

A managed services provider (MSP, industry speak for your managed IT services provider), ensures that you can get total relief to your technology management burden.

In other words, managed IT services benefit your business by eliminating your recurring IT issues, managing the day-to-day tasks associated with the management of your tech, and ensuring that your IT assets are able to facilitate growth and support maximal productivity.

There are many, many managed IT services benefits; unfortunately, we can only list a handful in this piece.

Specific industries have different needs and demands, impacting the value they’ll reap from working with an IT firm. For instance, the healthcare industry has strict data compliance regulations, so an IT support team sometimes isn’t just a luxury, but a necessity to ensure they meet their mandated standards.

But there are many managed services advantages that apply to the core business processes of any organization. These include:

  • Automate time-consuming tasks
  • Ensure business continuity
  • Reliable network performance
  • Top-tier cybersecurity protection
  • Easy invoicing and cost savings

1. Automate Time-Consuming Tasks

The wonderful thing about technology is that, more often than not, it’s about giving us back our time. Cars allow us to travel farther, faster. Email makes communication lightning-fast. Your kitchen sink means no more mile-long walk to the nearest river whenever you need to wash your hands.

And the same goes for IT managed services.

Your IT team will be able to identify components or entire parts of your work process that can be automated. Things like data entry, inventory tracking, project management, etc.


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Automation is known to increase productivity while reducing costs and safety issues.  In other words, business owners like yourself can increase accuracy and eliminate the risk of human error in certain processes. This is especially important as your business grows, as automation can help reduce costs and capital expenditures as your scale by making your processes leaner and widening margins.

2. Ensure Business Continuity

In the right circumstance, there is no more important managed IT services advantage than ensuring business continuity.

That’s because, for many businesses, if their mission critical data is lost, that could lead to the business stuttering; it happens more often than you think.

Of the many managed IT services benefits, remote monitoring (preventative) and disaster recovery/backup services (reactive) are critical mechanisms that can save your business from a potential catastrophe.

In tandem, the proactive monitoring and interception of IT issues alongside the ability to restore your data almost instantly is of critical importance. It’s a small investment that could one day quite literally mean the difference between continuing to operate and shuttering.

3. Reliable Network Performance

Managed IT Services Benefits

Network downtime can drive your team up the wall while draining productivity – reducing morale and revenue in a single stroke. But you can prevent this from happening. Or, more accurately, you can leverage a team of qualified experts to keep your business safe from network slowdowns and work stoppages.

Your team will take the time to assess your network, identify its vulnerabilities, close them,and continue to guard against new or developing threats.

This is one of the managed IT benefits that will be most felt throughout your business as work processes are smoother, faster, and far less frustrating than they were before. With a more resilient and robust network, scaling becomes easier, productivity is enhanced, and everyone is happier instead of slamming their computer screens because a page won’t load.

4. Top-Tier Cybersecurity

As cybersecurity threats ramp up both in terms of volume and sophistication, it’s important that your business is prepared to meet and defend against them. But in order to do that effectively, you need a team of subject matter experts on your side, able to keep up with developing trends as well as identify weaknesses in your IT infrastructure.

With an MSP, you’ll get all that and more.


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You’ll be able to leverage the top cybersecurity solutions and services in addition to cybersecurity training for all staff – including new hires. Better yet, your onboarding process will now include cyber security best practices, closing one of the greatest cyber security weaknesses in any organization: cybersecurity ignorance. This managed services advantage, much like business continuity, can in the right situation be the most critical of them all.

5. Easy Invoicing and Cost Savings

Your IT team will be able to support your entire IT stack, naturally leading to cost savings via services like:

  • Downtime elimination
  • Network optimization
  • Break/fix support
  • Long-term technology planning, updating, and tech procurement
  • Monitoring and management of threats before they impact your business
  • Cloud computing creating efficiencies and speeding up productivity

And the list goes on.

But the best part is, you can access all this from a single provider. That means one point of contact, one invoice, one price. No juggling multiple providers or futzing with piles of monthly invoices. And better yet, managed IT services are almost always provided at a flat rate, so you can gain full control over your IT budget with predictable pricing – especially important for small businesses that can’t afford a massive spike in IT costs.

Get All These Managed IT Services Benefits and More for Your Business With Steady Networks

Importance of Managed IT Services

We now have a strong list of managed IT services advantages and benefits; now it’s time to actually access them.

Steady Networks is a top IT firm providing proven managed services and expert technicians who will work diligently with you to understand the nuances and technology challenges facing your business. You’ll benefit from comprehensive planning and proven managed service strategies, so you can ensure all your technology needs are being met – we are trusted by over 60 businesses to do just that.

With us in your corner, you’ll benefit from:

  • Fully scalable and customizable IT support
  • Our average resolution times of 24.6 minutes
  • A 29.9% reduction in support tickets from year one to year two
  • 100% of your IT service tickets handled daily within committed timeframes

Ensure your technology remains an asset and not a liability with our managed services today.

Contact us to find out what IT services Steady Networks can manage for you.


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