Everything You Should Know About Managed IT Pricing

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Estimating managed IT services rates depends on a number of factors, starting with an organization’s size, budget, industry, needs and goals.

With many variables to consider, in combination with the various managed service pricing models offered, it can be a challenge getting a ballpark estimate for the pricing of your desired services without a managed IT services calculator.

To better understand the managed IT pricing you can expect to pay, this article will cover:

  • Managed IT Services Price List for Business
  • The Most Common Types of Managed IT Pricing Models
  • Factors That Influence Managed IT Services Cost
  • How Much Does Managed IT Services Cost With Steady Networks

Average Managed IT Pricing Costs for Business

Managed IT services costs can fluctuate depending on a company’s size, specific IT needs, and preferred managed IT pricing model.

For a small business owner with a limited budget, pricing may be as simple as break-fix solutions that come with an hourly rate for repairs.

In the case of medium to large organizations, which have a greater number of users and devices to protect, managed IT services are often billed as a la carte or based on a per user per month or per device monthly fee. To get an accurate estimate for managed IT services cost, the average price range of managed IT pricing is:

  • $299 per server
  • $29 to $69 per device
  • $125 to $250 per user per month


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Common Types of Managed IT Services Pricing

If a business doesn’t yet have all the details to use a managed IT services ROI calculator, they can still estimate their managed IT costs by sizing up their needs with the following common subscription-based pricing models of managed IT services:

Per User Per Month

Under this pricing model, organizations pay a fixed per user per month fee for specific services. As a result, businesses have a much easier time scaling and accurately forecasting their IT costs. Also, some MSPs offer per user per month models without long-term contracts, enabling businesses the ability to opt-out of services should they outgrow them without hassle.

Per Device Per Month

With this pricing model, businesses pay a fixed monthly fee for each device that’s being managed on a month-to-month basis. Generally, when a higher number of devices is covered, coverage costs per device will decrease. Similar to the per user per month model, this model makes estimating managed IT pricing much more straightforward.

Incentivized Tiers

MSPs sometimes bundle groups of services in a variety of packages known as tiers. Starting with the most basic service offering and then scaling to a greater scope of bundled services as you move up tiers, incentivized tiers enabled MSPs to structure their offerings for maximum profitability. The further businesses scale up a MSP incentivized tiers, the more services and support they gain.

A La Carte 

A la carte is an unlimited managed service pricing model that is tailored around an enterprise’s service and support demands.

Compared to most managed services models which are structured as all-inclusive, a la carte managed service models allow businesses to maintain increased operating freedom but at a significant cost. Given this model’s significant pricing, it’s predominately used by high-end enterprises with unlimited technology budgets – making it not a suitable choice for most SMBs.

“All You Can Eat” 

Also referred to as the unlimited model, the all you can eat managed service model once reigned supreme when client acquisition and growth were primary MSP concerns.

However, as time elapses and service values change, many MSPs have difficulty with sustaining unlimited service and solution plans with their fixed-price nature. Despite difficulties, some MSPs still offer this model, which provides a perfect model for businesses who want complete IT coverage at a predictable monthly fee.

Managed IT Pricing


Factors That Influence Managed IT Services Rates

Estimating managed IT costs is a job best left for the experts. In addition to the service model chosen and the factors shared above (company size, demands, industry, budget, and goals), additional factors often influence managed IT services rates, such as:

  • Data Complexity: Also known as the cost of complexity, data complexity refers to the costs of introducing and managing new services, processes, and products. The more complex it is to manage an organization’s infrastructure, the higher the costs.
  • Number of Servers: Similar to number of users and devices, the number of servers an organization needs will impact their overall managed IT costs. With IT server management averaging $299 per server, server usage adds up quickly.
  • Service Time Required: The amount of time it takes for a MSP to fix IT issues or address IT infrastructure inquiries (also known as service time required), can greatly influence total services costs.
  • Operating Industry Compliance: Businesses operating in heavily regulated industries, such as legal, healthcare, or financial services, may have higher costs as achieving and maintaining regulatory compliance requires a stronger infrastructure, up-to-date data backup and disaster recovery implementations, and much more.


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Reduce Your Managed IT Costs With Steady Networks 

As you’ve discovered, managed IT pricing is dependent on a number of factors – all of which can significantly impact the overall managed IT costs your business can expect to pay.

That’s why at Steady Networks, our IT experts work with you, your budget, and needs to create a managed service model that’s best suited for your needs and objectives.

With more than decade of business experience and SLAs built around your organization’s demands, you can rest assured knowing that your IT infrastructure is professionally managed by IT experts who live and breathe all things IT.

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