Largest Tech Companies in Albuquerque

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In recent years, New Mexico’s Southwest city of Albuquerque has established a vibrant tech sector as part of its growth.


From large well-known corporations to small start-up ventures, Albuquerque is home to some of the most innovative companies on the market today.

In this blog post, we’ll dive into the top tech companies in Albuquerque , highlighting why they stand out among so many others and offering insight into their unique products and services.

Our goal is to share the success stories of different Albuquerque technology companies – headquartered here right in our own backyard – to provide valuable information and opportunities for organizations and citizens alike.

Top Tech Companies in Albuquerque

According to the numbers, there are now over 49.2K tech jobs in the State of New Mexico .

Albuquerque’s Sandia Science & Technology Park has become a leader in space technology – with many of the large tech companies in Albuquerque coming to the area solely to partner with the Air Force Research Laboratory to be the next milestone in the development of space technology and research.

But it doesn’t stop there – from software companies to small business startups, l et’s take a look at some of the top Albuquerque tech companies that have put the city’s name on the map.

Big Tech Companies in Albuquerque
Image Credit: New Mexico Partnership

1. Ball Aerospace 

Ball Aerospace is first on the list of big tech companies in Albuquerque – specializing in commercial spacecraft technology, instruments, and payload development for national defense and intelligence organizations.

Their advanced approach to data and cutting edge spatial earth imagery helps provide advanced C2ISR technologies to various U.S. military branches.

Over 18,300 people work for the company worldwide – making it one of the biggest tech companies in Albuquerque today.


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2. BabyPage

Many of the top tech companies in Albuquerque exist in the start-up space, including BabyPage – a technology company that allows parents to document and track the milestones of their children through a mobile application.

The BabyPage natural language algorithm offers question prompts based on the child’s age and the time of year and creates content around them, allowing parents to capture every stage of the child’s life through an online dashboard.

Think of it as the “modern day baby book”.

With over $5.73 million dollars in funding , BabyPage is on the way to becoming one of the big app development companies in Albuquerque, NM.


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3. Torc Robotics  

This artificial intelligence company is headquartered in Blacksburg, Virginia with operations in Albuquerque, New Mexico and across the United States .

As one of the most promising Albuquerque technology companies , they create self-driving truck technology that enables businesses to achieve safe, autonomous transportation using modern-day information technology .

Founded in 2007, their truck driving testing center is headquartered in Albuquerque and its technology is being tested not only on open highways, but in more complex surroundings where aggressive and unpredictable drivers share the road and negotiate traffic signals.


Check out these additional resources:


4. Dr.Owl

This medical technology start-up is in the pool of Albuquerque tech startups helping the city make a name for itself as an up and coming modern software development innovation hub.

Dr.Owl is one of the big tech companies in Albuquerque with a mission to provide seniors with resources and information that proactively helps them manage their long-term health through the use of technology.

The New Mexico based company helps users claim to help its users save over 80% on drug prescriptions, as well as provide them with easy accessibility to their medical health records through software that can even detect and revise errors in medical documents.

5. Bayotech 

Bayotech is a local research and product development company dedicated to providing low carbon hydrogen to the global market.

The company possesses multiple patents in the following areas:

  • High-pressure gas transport
  • Hydrogen storage equipment
  • Low carbon hydrogen

These have allowed them to become one of the largest tech companies in Albuquerque serving as a trail-blazer in providing hydrogen refueling locations.

Essentially, it’s the modern day gas station.

As one of the top tech companies in Albuquerque , Bayotech employs many local residents in the region.

Biggest Tech Companies in Albuquerque
Image Credit: PR Newswire

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